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Black History March Vol. 1: Love is African" photographed by Anthony Bila x The Expressionist.

About the project, in his own words:

My latest offering, “Black History March” is an ongoing project series that seeks to really commemorate & remember various time periods in African history through words, motion picture and still photography. The body of work serves as an ode to black history, each volume of work will speak to a different time period, a different place, different people but all African. Always.

I purposefully launched this project a month after the Black History Month actually occurred, it’s traditionally held in February but I wanted to dispel the notion that black history needs a ‘special month’, the shortest month of all no less, dedicated to it as commemoration and remembrance of the rich incredibly vast history of Africa and it’s peoples. My thoughts about black history are that it should be venerated just as any other significant part of history is, at every given opportunity. The name of the series is a double entendre. March being the month we are in and march in the sense that we soldier on, as a people moving forward but never forgetting to reflect and look back at where we have come from. Something I believe we should all do, regardless.

Lest we forget, lest we ever forget
Blood bleeds from our own hands,
Lest we live with regrets, live bitter regret
Blood on the leaves, seeps into the land
Seeds fed on the sweat of black brows
Blood bled from fallen angels on ominous clouds
Graves whitewashed they forgot
But black history marched on
Stained and ingrained in mind from hand
So much we overcame, so few understand
Buried and forgotten in shallow graves
Chained and enslaved
A little change makes it all stay the same
New chains, economic new slaves
Graves whitewashed they forgot
But black history kept marching on
Sophisticated slavery & invisible shackles
The war wages on, battle after battle
How will you experience emancipation
When the mansion you lust for,
was built on the damned plantation
Graves whitewashed they forgot
But black history keeps marching on.

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All Africa, All the time.

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LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA:  Great answer.

My answer to every question I dont feel like answering.

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Eartha Kitt and James Dean, 1954


Eartha Kitt and James Dean, 1954

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